Helping people with disabilities find endless empowerment through career, community, and creative outlets


About The Hive

We are a licensed day program through DDD that focuses on life skills and social-emotional connections.  We also provide various employment services and support to our members who are getting ready to find a job or who are already employed and needing additional support. 

Interview Prep 

60% of persons with ASD report their barrier to finding employment is not being able to get past interviews.

Decreasing Unemployment

More than 66% of young adults of the autism spectrum are unemployed.

Increased Social

Day programs increase members overall well being by providing opportunities to be social, enhance their self-esteem, and build friendships. 

Self Esteem

Life skills are still critical to gaining independence and continuing growth.  Having these skills increases members self-esteem.  We feel good when we can do things for ourselves.



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