The Hive offers a few services that are part of the Department of Developmental Disabilities.  Our program is open from 8:30am-3:00pm Monday through Friday.

Day Treatment for Adults


Supported Employment


Transition to Employment


The Hive’s day treatment program provides opportunities for members to be social with their peers and be involved with their community.  The program includes:

The Hive believes in a team approach to collaborate on how best to support the member.  Each member’s day can be combined with supported employment services to create a unique experience for each of our members. 

The Hive believes that all members are capable of having meaningful employment and strives to help members feel successful in their community.  Because of our person-centered approach, we want members to be able to advocate for their desired employment and work towards reaching their goals. We want employment to be fulfilling and individualized. Our goal is to keep our members employed!

The Hive helps members:

TTE provides instruction to members that supports their gainful employment into the community.  The Hive utilizes a comprehensive curriculum that covers:

By completing this training members will be better prepared for employment opportunities and have the knowledge that they need to start applying for jobs. Our curriculum uses the James Stanfield series, JobSmart, video modeling of what an employee should and should not do through video models.  In addition, the Hive has enhanced the videos by creating a supplemental workbook of activities and practice simulations for members to reinforce their learning.