Who We Are:

Over the last fifty years, the disability community has gone through vast changes and made incredible advancements in the areas of education, policy, rights, and social awareness. But we aren’t done yet! The terms “disability” and “autism” still hold a stigma that often makes people unsure and nervous about what to expect from an employee with those labels. There is a great need for social awareness and acceptance, which is an important part of The Hive’s mission. We want to be part of the next level of change that creates opportunities for our clients to feel valued and supported in their community. We want to shift the focus to include all the things they can do! 

The Hive is a registered 501(c)(3) based in the Phoenix area. We focus on providing young adults with opportunities for employment in the community and at our facility. We strive to create a community of acceptance and show off the amazing abilities that each of our clients has to offer.

With our person-centered approach, the client is able to decide where their best fit will be. We offer jobs coaches to help assist clients with work they are excited about doing.  We also have jobs within our facility that include soap making with our business, Local Lotus. 

The Hive offers clients a place to gain more knowledge about employment, access to socialization, and opportunity to participate in creative expression. In adulthood, we acknowledge that maintaining a healthy lifestyle involves striking a balance between working, friendship, and hobbies. The Hive helps to monitor that balance and provide guidance for our clients to continue making progress in those areas. We recognize the unique needs of each member-- understanding that the stamina to work and the stamina to socialize can be different among each individual.

Our main goal is to help clients achieve their maximum independence level. There is always room to grow and learn.  We believe that individuals with disabilities feel the greatest happiness and pride when they are active members of their community and get to live out a full and purposeful life.